The Benefits of Using Natural Handmade Greek Olive Oil Bar Soap


When it comes to the nourishment, protection, and overall health of our skin, many individuals are turning towards all natural handmade olive oil bar soaps. Some of the reasons for this have to do with sensitive skin that gets dry and itchy with traditional soap options, the fact that traditional soaps have perfumes and dyes that are poisonous to our bodies, and the fact that olive oil soap uses simple and healthy ingredients that our skin can actually use. Olive oil has been used in handmade soaps for centuries, with Greece even devoting over sixty percent of their land to the cultivation of olive oil trees. So, if you are an individual looking for a healthier and more natural way to lather up, take a look at the benefits below.

  1. Olive Oil Treats Skin Irritation. Numerous individuals who have started using olive oil bar soaps have seen a reduction in skin irritation, including those who have skin conditions like eczema. The reason for this is because the soaps have moisturizing properties that boost how much moisture your skin can hold. Those who have sensitive skin are also able to use the soap as it has a lower PH level and doesn’t contain the use of other ingredients that would otherwise dry out the skin further, such as animal fats and petroleum oil.
  2. It Is Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins. Olive oil soaps contain lots of Vitamin A, D, K, and E which help contribute to the anti-aging benefits you see touted by those who use these soaps on a regular basis. The vitamins also help prevent UV damage and replenish damaged skin cells. The soaps also contain phytosterols and polyphenols which promote collagen production and skin cell protection.
  3. It Replenishes The Skins Natural Oils. The natural oils of your skin are replenished with the vitamins that your skin absorbs from the soaps.
  4. It Exfoliates and Doesn’t Clog Pores. Not only can the antioxidants in the olive oil reach deep down into your pores to exfoliate them, remove dead skin cells and dirt, but it can even prevent acne from returning to the face. Plus, unlike other moisturizers, olive oil soap doesn’t clog up your pores.
  5. It is an Amazing Moisturizer. Due to the natural lipids in the soap, the skin can easily absorb the olive oil as a moisturizer, making it an amazing way to keep your skin supple and smooth.

Overall, the individuals that notice the biggest difference when switching from traditional grocery store soaps to handmade natural soaps with olive oil bases, are those who have dry, sensitive or easily irritated skin.




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