Messino Balsamic Vinegar

Made with affection and care at every stage of production, the MESSINO Balsamic vinegar is a product with full and distinctive flavor. The familiar to us all, Glykadi with the sweet distinctive flavor and the intense dark red color, is made ​​from wine vinegar and concentrated must of excellent quality and matures in wooden barrels like good old wine. Just a few drops are enough to magically enhance your food’s taste.

Organic Herbs

Tzekos Organic Herbs

No kitchen should be without herbs. They are a great source of flavour and fragrance and also well known for their therapeutic and nutritional value since ancient times. Both helpful and tasty, you can either use them in your recipes or enjoy a delicious and healthy herbal tea. Proper seasoning always makes a dish better, while it also makes cooking a lot more fun! Keep in mind that they tend to do best if they’re added during cooking, so that their flavour has enough time to infuse the whole dish. Great taste takes time, it can’t be rushed! When it comes to herbal tea, our loose leaf herbs will make the perfect cup. It’s easy to prepare, it just requires one brilliant bit of kit — a teapot. When you brew full-leaf loose tea there is plenty of room for the leaves to move freely in the water, absorb water and expand, which results in a more richly flavoured tea. You can drink it hot or cold and enjoy the herbal goodness!